Articles by Thomas G. Buchanan

Thomas G. Buchanan was a widely published journalist. Here we list some of the publications that carried his work, and provide links and online reprints of some of the articles he authored during his career. More information and articles will be added as they’re retrieved from family archives. In the meantime, here’s a small sampling:


Washington Evening Star

Thomas G. Buchanan first worked for the Washington Evening Star as a copy boy in 1939 and was promoted to reporter in 1941. His job was held for him between 1942 and 1946 while he was serving during World War II.

Upon his return, he worked the medical beat. He reported in particular about the racial discrimination against African-American doctors and medical students, who were not allowed access to most hospitals.

Buchanan was fired from the Star in 1948 after the F.B.I. approached his editor concerning Buchanan’s membership in the communist party. When confronting Buchanan about it, the editor assured him that his work had always been satisfactory and conveyed honestly the reason for his dismissal. Being the first journalist in the U.S. to be fired explicitly for his communist views and affiliations, his story was significant for the American Newspaper Guild and was covered in the media, including Time magazine.

Over 20 newspapers and magazines in Europe and Asia

After being blacklisted in the U.S. in 1948, Buchanan continued his journalistic career as a freelancer for foreign publications, serving as political correspondent to over 20 newspapers and magazines in Europe and Asia, including the following:

France: Le Monde, Nouvel Observateur, L’Express, Paris Match
Italy: Tempo, Epoca
Germany: Revue
Japan: Bungei Shunju
Spain: Triunfo
Portugal: Diario Popular
Greece: Tachydromos
Switzerland: Zuercher Woche
Belgium: Le Soir Illustré, De Post
Holland: Algemeen Handelsblad
Mexico: La Prensa
Norway: Dagbladet
Sweden: Altonbladet
Ireland: Irish Press


Buchanan’s 1964 book Who Killed Kennedy? was an expanded version of a series of his articles first published in the French weekly L’Express.


Of note as a frequent publisher of his writings until its demise in 1982, was the anti-Franco Spanish paper Triunfo.

Articles and letters to the editor

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If you read Spanish, you can read 70 articles by Thomas G. Buchanan that were published by Triunfo and are now hosted on Triunfo Digital, an archiving collaboration between the University of Salamanca, the late José Ángel Ezcurra (Triunfo founder and editor), and Ediciones Pléyades.