Who Killed Kennedy?

An analysis of the alleged facts and speculations about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Parts of the book were first published in early 1964 as a series of articles in the French newspaper, L’Express. It was published in book form in May 1964 in the U.K. and France and was soon translated into many other languages, becoming a best-seller in 19 countries. The U.S. edition was published only later, and contained additions and revisions based on information that had come to light since the first publication, including the Warren Commission’s Report. The U.S. edition included a commentary on the Report.
Who Killed Kennedy? by Thomas G. Buchanan

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  1. Robert Morrow

    Thomas Buchanan wrote a fabulous work on the JFK assassination in early 1964, perhaps the first book written on it (not sure, but probably). And he solved it at a time when the murderers of JFK were running the government and holding positions of high power in business.

    I give Buchanan an A+ on his research and intuition. So much of it has been confirmed over the decades.

    Buchanan astutely fingered Texas oil interests as perps behind the JFK – that would be the Dallas, TX oil men who were so close to Lyndon Johnson who the Kennedys were on the verge of destroying utterly.

    Lyndon Johnson was in total agreement with Buchanan’s thesis and he was telling one of his key mistresses Madeleine Brown that Dallas, TX oil men and military contractors were behind the JFK assassination. (see Texas in the Morning, p. 189)


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