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“Thought that costs a man his job is not free thought.”

In 1948, Thomas G. Buchanan was the first American journalist to be fired explicitly for his communist views and affiliations. When some of his fellow journalists bought him a one-page space in a newspaper so that he could present his thoughts on the situation, he wrote “Stand Up and Be Counted.” “I think the case […]

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“It is not the light that we must fear…”

"It is not the light that we must fear; it is the darkness." Thomas G. Buchanan in Who Killed Kennedy?

These words are found, with slight variations, in a different part of the book depending on the edition: European edition, May 1964 These words conclude the Preface: “Let each citizen with information to impart to the Commission bring that fact–however unimportant it may seem–to the investigating body our new President appointed. We need many candles […]

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